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Macallan concept number 1 ( 2018 )

The Macallan Concept Series is a collection of limited annual release whiskies that combines our passion for whisky making with the passion of visionaries - bold, confident individuals who have positively disrupted the status quo with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

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Compass Box The Nectar ( 2021 )

1200 bottles worldwide

€ 229,00
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Compass Box
Aantal flessen
alcohol percentage
49.0 %
700 ml
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Compass Box The Circle

After impressing us with her skills and ideas throughout The Circle challenges, Rosey’s prize was to create a blend with Compass Box founder John Glaser and whiskymaker Jill Boyd. Rosey wanted to make an approachable whisky to be shared with friends, something for the daytime, a whisky with brightness. She called it “sunshine in a glass.” The Circle is...

Prijs € 159,00
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Compass Box The Peat Monster 10th Anniversary

A whisky for lovers of complex, multi-layered peaty whiskies. What makes it fit perfectly into the COMPASS BOX house style is the balance of richness and subtle sweetness that the casks of Highland malt provide to the smoky-peaty malts of Islay. This is the great benefit of combining single malts from different distilleries; we are not limited to the...

Prijs € 219,00
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Compass Box Stranger & Stranger ( 2018 )

A new blended malt with 1% non-Scotch whisky, that’s Compass Box Stranger & Stranger, a limited edition to celebrate ten years of collaborations with the package design company Stranger & Stranger. The blended malt contains a one year old grain spirit they used to season some experimental barrels. It is said to contain intense wood spice and...

Prijs € 259,00
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Compass Box The Double Single Third Edition ( 2017 )

The Compass Box The Double Single Third Edition is a blend of 1 single malt and 1 single grain. An idea of Tatsuya Minagawa and Duncan Elphick from the Highlander Inn. A blend of a 19 years old Glen Elgin from re-charred bourbon hogsheads (72% of the recipe) and a Girvan from re-charred bourbon barrels (28% of the recipe). Bottled at 46% ABV, non chill...

Prijs € 249,00
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